Custom and personalized orders.

I am NOT accepting custom order requests, reservations for pieces or a waiting list at this time. What you see in my shop updates is what I have available.

Wholesale availability

I am swamped right now and can not take on wholesale accounts. If you own a shop I appreciate your interest in my work but I am having a lot of fun selling things on my own and I will turn you down. Thank you anyways :)

Can I reserve a piece?

To try to keep it as fair as possible I announce my shop updates on Instagram and other social media 3-4 days leading up to the day of the sale. I can not reserve pieces for you. It is first come first serve sort of thing. Thank you for understanding :)

How much are your pieces?

All of my pieces are functional sculptures that take many hours to complete.
Crystal themed pieces start at around $185, and goes up from there. 
The kitty pipes are $130.
Unicorn pipes are $250.
The price range depends on size, time spent making and how much gold or other extra processes I have applied to the piece. I use premium 22kt gold on all of my work.

Do you ship worldwide?

I ship worldwide and pack everything very carefully!

Buyers are responsible for all customs and import fees.

Can I customize the writing on the bottom?

The signature on the bottom that reads "Katie Made Me" is not negotiable. That is just how I sign my work :)

I run a blog will you give me something so I can promote you?

I do not do blog giveaways. If you are a blogger you are welcome to purchase a piece from my shop and review it but I will not send you promotional material.  while I do really appreciate your interest, I have nothing to give away at this time.

Every time I go to your shop it says it's empty? Are you sold out?

Yes I am sold out. I release my work in small batches. I tend to sell out very quickly (5 min or less). My shop sits empty more often than not. Fear not! More items are always being made!

I announce the time and date of shop updates via email to those who have subscribed through this website, as well as through instagram.

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Are you still making (insert design here)?

Yes! I tend to rotate through my designs so I don't get bored. By doing this I also allow myself time for exploration of new work. I'm only one person making everything you see so I can't make everything every time. Follow me on Instagram @anotherseattleartist to watch my progress in the studio and see what and when I will have new items available for my shop!

I'm coming to Portland! Can I visit your studio and buy something while I'm in town?

The process of ceramics takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish. If I happen to have anything available while you're in town you are welcome to stop by. I won't know in advance though. Your best bet is to ask me when you are actually here. I am sold out most of the time. there is about a 3 day window from when I have pieces finished to when they go in my shop. If you happen to be here during that window chances are you can come get something. I work from my basement in my home studio. I do not have set “open” hours. Visits are by appointment only. I love meeting you in person! if I don’t have something already planned chances are you can come say hi :) You just need to contact me when you are in town.

Are your pieces microwave or dishwasher safe?

NO!! DO NOT PUT ANYTHING I MAKE IN THE MICROWAVE!!! I use 22kt gold in all of my work. This is metal!! Metal and microwaves are a TERRIBLE idea!! As far as the dishwasher goes I wouldn't recommend this. Hand washing is much more gentle and the functional pieces I make should be cared for in a special way.

I had an item in my cart but as I went to pay it said sold out!? How is this possible!?

Etsy does not hold the piece for you while you add your information. It is only sold once you have paid. If someone gets to it before you it will show up as sold out when you try to pay. I have no control over who gets what. It's a game of quickness from what I have gathered. I have heard it helps to have all of your shipping and payment information ready to go before my sales so you don't have to spend the extra time adding it in.